The Notebook – A Wonderful Love Story

The Notebook is a beautiful love story is set in the 1940s and is based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks of the same name. It has a PG rating of 13.  It is a romantic drama about a young couple from opposite sides of the track that find themselves falling in love.

The main characters, Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) meet while Allie and her well-off family are visiting the small town of Seabrook Island.  At first Allie does not even want to give Noah the time of day, but it does not take long for Allie to fall in love with Noah.

Opposites Attract

Allie’s family are wealthy, just like you could be if you play the online Bingo Canada has to offer, and believe that Noah, who works at the lumber yard, is not good enough for their daughter and are the reason why Allie and Noah find themselves torn apart.  Before Allie leaves for the big city to begin studying, Noah shares with her his dream of buying an old house and restoring it.  He promises Allie that he will make it exactly as she wants it.

The two part ways, Allie goes off to study and Noah goes to war where his best friend Fin (Kevin Conolly) is killed in the war.  Before he left he sent Allie letters every day for a whole year, but her mother intercepted the letters and she never received them.  She believed that Noah had moved on and Noah thought that Allie no longer loved him.

Allie later meets a successful and charming man, Lon Hammond (James Marsden) and falls in love with him.  Her parents are of course so happy that Allie has found someone both wealthy and charming and are ecstatic when Lon proposes to Allie and she accepts.  While trying on wedding gowns Allie comes across a photo of Noah standing outside the house he restored and all of the memories return to her.

A Difficult Choice

She tells Lon she needs a few days to get away and she goes back to Seabrook where she visits Noah.  Allie and Noah realise that have always been in love and Allie is forced to make a difficult decision, who does she choose, her first love or Lon.  Allie also learns something interesting about her mother who comes to look for her in Seabrook Island.

This wonderful story is told by an older man (James Garner) to a lady (Gena Rowlands) who reads from a book.  There are flashbacks as he reads the story.  As the film progresses viewers will soon see the story unfold and the mysterious older couple will soon be revealed.

The Notebook did well at the box office and also received awards, eight Teen Choice Awards, Satellite Award and an MTV Award.  The critics had mixed feelings about the film though; some loved it while others did not have many good things to say about it.  The film keeps you wondering, whom will Allie choose?