The Top Science Fiction Shows From The ‘90s

For many people, the 1990s represented the golden age of both television and movies. Some of the greatest classics of all time came out during this period, and we also saw incredible advancement in cinematography, screenwriting, CGI, and so much more. On top of all of this was the creativity – while we certainly have plenty of creative shows and films to watch at the moment, the 1990s proved to be truly unique in many of the storylines that were widely watched at the time.

Science fiction was going through an enormous boom in popularity during the 1990s, and we were gifted a range of incredible and unforgettable television shows, many of which are worth giving a rewatch today.

  1. Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1 was the main series of the extremely popular Stargate franchise that garnered millions of fans during the ‘90s. The show was centred around a military organisation that made use of futuristic portals that allowed them to explore different parts of the galaxy. While there are plenty of spin-offs, movies, and other types of media, the original Stargate SG-1 is considered the best of the bunch and has evolved into a true sci-fi classic that’s always worth a watch.

  1. Red Dwarf

The majority of sci-fi shows that became popular among the general public were created in either Canada or the United States during the 1990s, but this wasn’t always the case. A classic example is Red Dwarf, a sleeper hit that aired in the UK and has gone on to become a cult classic. The story is set many millions of years into the future, where we follow a worker on a mining ship that has been stuck in a frozen state. He is the only remaining human on board the vessel, with his only companions being a humanoid cat as well as a hologram.

  1. Babylon 5

Babylon 5 and Star Trek feature a lot of similarities, mainly that it was more about the relations between many different alien worlds. The show itself is set a decade after the end of a terrible war between an alien race and mankind, and throughout the series, there’s a constant tenseness to everything as the characters attempt to reach diplomatic and peaceful conclusions, and it’s often enough to pull the viewer from their messaging app or NZ online casino games. Outside of the main storyline, we follow the various characters and the interpersonal relationships they have with one another, including their conflicts.

  1. The X-Files

The X-Files changed the nature of sci-fi television forever, providing a grounded, thought-provoking take on the search for extraterrestrials, although there were plenty of other interesting concepts included over the years. The story revolves around two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who follow up on special cases that almost always have a paranormal element to them. It’s widely considered as one of the best TV shows of all time, and it’s just as good today as it was in the ‘90s.