The Top Stephen King-based Films

Stephen King is the most well-known horror author in the world. This incredible writer is known for creating an entire universe of his own. It’s a universe packed with interesting stories and terrifying monsters. Along with this, King has done a number of famous models. His books have also regularly topped the ratings boards across many decades.

Most of Stephen King’s novels have been turned into films. There are dozens of different films to choose from. Many of these films have become blockbusters at the same time. While others were not as popular. Whatever the case may be, they are all worth watching at least once. These are among the best films based on a famous King novel, novella, or short story.


The first one we need to start with is Misery. This novel was released in 1987. And would then become a film just three years later. One thing is clear about this story is that it’s all about obsession. The premise is the same with both mediums. And sees an author held captive by an obsessive woman. This woman goes to great lengths to ensure that he can’t escape. This story proved to be a massive success, both for the movie and the novel. For the movie, in particular, Kathy Bates puts on an unforgettable performance.


Dogs are our best friends. Which makes it a horrifying reality when they turn on us. And while this is rare, it does make a great story. And Cujo is one of the best horror stories of all time. The premise revolves around a large St. Bernard that has rabies. The dog then goes on a rampage. Specifically against a mother and her young son. The movie about the dog is as good as the novel. And it’s a must see for anyone with a fear of rabies.

Pet Sematary

Another classic from Stephen King. In this novel and subsequent film, we see an ancient burial ground bringing the dead back to life. And we watch a young family getting torn apart by tragedy. This is a scary story, there’s no doubt. But it also takes a look at the loss of a loved one. And what we would do to bring that loved one back to us. It’s especially difficult for those that have lost children. But it remains a classic horror story that everyone will appreciate.

The Shining

The penultimate Stephen King story that everyone has heard of. The Shining is a global classic. Its likeness is found in every type of media. You are as likely to see references to The Shining in a book or film as a video game or television series. Even other entertainment industries and pastimes use references from The Shining, such as mobile sports betting apps making use of imagery or quotes from the films in promotions or bonus offerings. It’s a powerful film that has become a true classic over the decades. And many feel that it’s one of King’s very best novels, too.