The Best Rom Coms In 2022

Romantic comedies are best when they persuade you for about 90 minutes (or, hey, maybe occasionally a little longer), the quite famous celebrities are really the jaded singles that they’re portraying, and it’s time for them to fall desperately in love.

Even better is when they actually know how to sell the chemistry between the main characters. What makes the category of movies as fun as it is – even when we can guess the plot–is feeling like falling in love is easy, even if it’s only for a little while.

Also, as we’ve been dealing with a pandemic for the past two years, rom-coms are precisely the positive force that we need to assist us with getting get through the difficult times. We may have seen the city girl going back to her country hometown, or two best friends who are pretending to be in a relationship, or any of the other romantic tropes a million times, however it’s still fun to watch the whole thing unfold.

So if you’re looking for your next television binge or just want the perfect movie date idea, we’ve got some of the romantic comedies you should be looking out for this year. Some of them are out already and ready to stream, and others you’ll have to keep in mind for later this year.

Marry Me

The queen of romantic comedies,  Jennifer Lopez, stars as a pop superstar who proposes to a random man after she learns about her fiancé’s infidelity. Sound improbable? Sure. But Jennifer’s hit big with chalk-and-cheese romance before (do you remember Maid in Manhattan?) and we’re even now excited about what she’ll wear to the premiere of the movie.


When a young artist is obliged to join her high school track team, she uses it as an opportunity to pursue the girl for whom she’s been nurturing a crush. However she finds herself falling for an unanticipated teammate and realising what real love feels like.

The Royal Treatment

When an opinionated salon owner is hired to do the hair for a royal wedding, she meets the obedient prince who happens to be dedicated to a loveless arranged marriage. Soon, her joie de vivre rubs off on him. We bet you can guess what takes place next in this cheerful tale as old as time!

Redeeming Love

Angel has had a challenging life in 1850s California. She was sold into prostitution when she was a child and has only known a life of betrayal as well as darkness. Perhaps her heart can be repaired when she meets the captivating Michael Hosea. He just may be what she needs to mend her bitterness about the world. This is a great film and as entertaining as playing CA slots online with real money.

I Want You Back

Best friends Peter and Emma make the decision to sabotage their respective ex’s new relationships – but they fall for each other in the process. Quirky comedy stars Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Jenny Slate (Parks & Recreation) make sure the laughs are wonderfully offbeat.