Top 3 Stay-At-Home Movie Boredom Busters

Online Pokies – What better way to spend any day (or night!) than indoors and watching a good old classic movie? And when talking the ultimate in stay-at-home boredom busters, comedy remains a solid favourite go-to solution. Which brings us to the first of our three ultimate stay-at-home boredom-busting movies: The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, starring a 40-year-old Andy Stitzer (played by Steve Carell) and the wonderfully colourful Trish (played by Catherine Keener) and they set out to try and solve Andy’s virgin-conundrum.

Not only is Andy Stitzer (oh, the shame!) a virgin – Andy Stitzer is 40 years old and still a virgin! What proves to be the undoing of Andy is that despite his being surrounded by a band of possible wing-men perfectly capable of organising a date in a fraction of a flash, Andy is the proverbial kind-hearted nerd too afraid to make a move either way.

When Andy finally meets 40-year-old single mom (thus, not a virgin!) things begin looking up for Andy. But not until around about date number 20!

Let There Be Food

Comedy is of course not the only way out the old boredom rut. Movies about food and art are quite effective when trying to give lethargy the boot. And nobody beats Dame Helen Mirren when it come to giving a lack of motivation the old kick under the behind. The Helen-Mirren movie that we’ve chosen as one of our ultimate boredom busters is The Hundred-Foot Journey.

This film is a special one and certainly a movie quite adept at drawing in even the most uninvolved of viewers. It’s as engaging as the online Bingo NZ offers and it will captivate everyone. The story follows the complete disruption of a fancy French restaurant run by Madame Mallory (played by a tight-lipped Dame Helen Mirren). The disruption is caused by the coming-to-town of Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) and his ambitious and flamboyant Indian family – eager as pie to begin a successful exotic Indian restaurant. The result is comedy, adventure, a little bit of drama, and best of all, love (in the end).

For The Family

As far as family-entertainment goes, it probably doesn’t get much better than Frozen 2. This one is perfect for kids of all ages and best of all is that adults enjoy it too. The catch tunes are especially popular among younger audiences and the story tends to live on long after the final credits have finished rolling. This is probably what makes Frozen 2 the perfect stay-at-home movie for parents with young children – this is magic that practically keeps on giving and giving some more.

Not yet seen the first Frozen movie? No problem at all because thanks to the folks over at Apple TV, its easy as 1-2-3 to buy and view. Not only will boredom leave the way it came but kids and grandparents alike will thank you for it. Everyone at home will be talking and humming and even singing Frozen tunes for many days to come and it’s a movie enjoyed over and over by younger children.