Why We’re Obsessed With Chicago Fire

Look. We could give you the IMDb blurb about Chicago Fire – that it’s been running since 2012, it’s currently in its 10th season, it’s packed with daring fire and rescue scenes, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Yes, all of this is true and the showrunners do an exceptional job of keeping audiences enthralled each and every single week as they tune into this show. However, if you’re anything like us, who thrive on emotional drama, there are three reasons why we’re addicted to Chicago Fire: Dawsey, Brettsey and Stellaride.


Chicago Fire’s Gabriela Dawson (who was played by Monica Raymund) and Matt Casey (who was played by Jesse Spencer) had a growing romance that was a big focus for the show throughout the first season until Season 7 when Gaby left the show. The two had an on-again-off-again relationship after a good amount of will they or won’t they, leading Chicago Fire fans on an emotional rollercoaster!

After a very shaky proposal, the two realise that Gabriela Dawson is pregnant with Matt Casey’s child. Season 4 saw Dawson and Casey lose the baby, however the two remained together and supported one another through the traumatic event.

Season 5 saw “Dawsey” tie the knot to assist in the adoption process. They formally adopted a foster son named Louie, but eventually gave Louie up to his biological father when he entered the picture.


“Brettsey” refers to the relationship between paramedic Sylvie Brett and fire captain Matt Casey. They developed a close friendship that was filled with trust during season 7. They were both gentle souls who understood each other very well. During season 8, Brettsey’s interactions seem less platonic, but they consciously avoid starting a romantic relationship so that they could maintain their friendship. Their relationship becomes far more real in season 9 with them finally coming together in the season finale of season 9. Fan like us screamed a collective: “It’s about time!”


Stellaride” is the name given to the relationship that is between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide. They are engaged and are portrayed by Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo. Severide first meets Stella during a training course at the fire academy. It was later revealed in how Severide had been mooning over Stella and then how he goes to her house one night singing This Love Of Mine with a rose between his teeth.

After Stella gets kicked out of her apartment, Severide offers her his guest room to stay. Severide successfully persuades Kidd not to find a place for herself. However, after they start dating, Stella moves out in order to maintain their relationship smooth (she feels like they aren’t there, yet).

She moves in Herrmann’s attic. Stella moves back in with Severide and Casey when Severide asks her to move back in. A couple of months later, Casey asks Severide, if he should move out, as Severide’s relationship with Kidd is very serious. Eventually, Casey does move out as he takes up guardianship of his late best friend’s children in Oregon.