5 Thought-Provoking Films For The Mind

Modern films come in many different genres and sub-genres, and everyone has a preference. From romantic comedies to summer blockbuster actions, the idea behind a film is to provide the watcher with a few hours of entertainment for an evening, even if it’s mindlessly so.

But every now and again it’s worth taking the time to watch a film that make the watcher have to sit and think, and to sometimes even have to change their perspective to understand the premise of the film. These are the top five that do that just right, and are best watched while not distracted by Australian slots online.


1. The Matrix

The Matrix is the perfect combination of action and thought provoking, allowing us to watch our protagonists perform physics-bending stunts while also presenting a philosophical conundrum.

In The Matrix, the earth as we know it is actually a simulated reality, where actual reality has everyone plugged into machines to use as batteries. It’s the “brain in a vat” spectrum of philosophy: are we living in a real, physical reality, or are we simply controlling a body in a simulated reality.

2. The Truman Show

With famous comedian Jim Carrey in the lead, The Truman Show is deceptive in that it comes across firstly as an entertaining rendition of a man’s realisation that not everything is at it seems, while also asking the question of what would happen to a person that’s brought up in a simulated world in order to provide entertainment to those watching.

It also questions the nature of digital communication and social media, and just how many of our privacy rights are really being broken every day.

3. Groundhog Day

This classic film from 1993 stars Bill Murray as Pittsburgh TV weatherman Phil Connors who is assigned to cover a yearly Groundhog Day event. He quickly finds that he repeats the same day over and over, and he eventually learns to re-examine his perspective and priorities in life.

It’s an entertaining tale of making the best of every day, especially in a world where we often feel like we’re simply repeating each day over and over again.

4. The Sixth Sense

Arguably the film with the greatest twist of all time, the Sixth Sense is a film that makes the viewer need to sit down again and watch for all the details a second time round.

While a fairly endearing story of its own, the Sixth Sense is a great lesson in re-evaluating the smaller details that are often missed while watching a film for the first time once the viewer has realised the implications of the twist at the end.

5. Life of Pi

A visually stunning film that tells the tale of a young Indian boy that finds himself stranded in the ocean, and battling the elements and his own inner-demons to survive.

It’s a story that intends to make the viewer understand why so many believe in God even in the direst scenarios.