The Best Indie Movies Streaming On Netflix

While everyone absolutely loves an exciting blockbuster from time to time, there’s something that we can’t put our finger on about a great independent film which strikes a specific chord. Indie movies may feel like hidden gems when you uncover them, as they seldom get the kind of distribution or marketing which turns major studio movies into box office smash hits. And you are often able to feel the blood, sweat, and tears which went into making an indie movie, as the filmmakers who are involved put everything on the line for the sake of their art.

Although Netflix is best known for its wide diversity of TV selections, Netflix Originals, Oscar winners and, as formerly mentioned, blockbusters, Netflix’s indie section is also exploding. The best part about the indie category is that is includes so many distinct types of movies, in a different fashion than your usual Hollywood movie. You could have indie comedy, thriller, sci-fi, horror, drama as well as romance movies.

Lately, indie films are gathering more and more Oscar buzz, obviously, most recently with Barry Jenkins’ queer coming-of-age drama Moonlight, which earned Best Picture in 2017. These frequently low-budget films are as high quality as a fully Hollywood picture, particularly when it comes down to storytelling and performances. So, if you’re considering broadening your cinema horizons, look no further than Netflix.

The Squid And The Whale

The Squid and the Whale has really solidified Noah Baumbach as an indie filmmaker. Set in 1986, the film tells the story of two young boys who are struggling through their parents’ divorce. The filmmaker’s dry wit is on display here, in addition to his knack for melancholy. It’s a textured, emotionally raw film which really epitomises the “indie drama” if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

The One I Love

If you prefer your indie movies with a healthy dose of twisty sci-fi, you may really enjoy The One I Love. The 2014 film – which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – tells the story of a married couple who have possibly reached the end of their rope. The less that you know about this story going in, the better, however the basic set-up is that the couple is referred by their therapist to a private retreat where they’re met by an inexplicable phenomenon which may or may not just save their marriage. It’s so good, you’ll want to play now.

His House

This Sundance hit follows a refugee couple as they escape from South Sudan and move into an English town which is housing a secret evil force. At first a melancholy metaphor for grief, His House eerily transforms itself into a treatise on historical trauma, and the way the past still hurts us long after it’s over.