Avengers Infinity War – The Start of The End

When Iron Man was first released in 2008, no one knew that it would eventually lead to one of the biggest cinematic stories of all time that culminated in the first part of the Endgame series, Infinity War.

This 2018 superhero action movie that was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo takes all of the build-up from the previous MCU films and amalgamates them into a single story arc that sees our protagonists finally coming face-to-face with Thanos, the biggest and most powerful villain yet.

Starring all the favourites from the previous movies, such as Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, Infinity War was released to critical and financial success, and provided the first part of a two-part film series that wraps up everything nicely while setting the scene for the second part, and is worth checking out between bouts of online betting NZ.

The Plot

The movie centres around the Mad Titan Thanos, a world-conquering villain who has set his sights on the Infinity Stones, powerful artefacts that have the ability to alter the universe.

Thanos hopes to acquire the stones and wipe out half of all living, sentient life across the universe in the hope of restoring order and providing a better life for those that are left living.

He sends his most trusted warriors across the galaxy to retrieve the stones, which ultimately leads them to The Avengers, who have since broken up after Civil War. Thanos captures his daughter Gamora and sacrifices her in order to claim the Soul Stone.

Tony Stark, Dr Strange, and Spider-Man come face-to-face with some of these warriors, and ultimately end up on their starship as they travel to Thanos’ home world. Once there, they meet up with Star Lord and Mantis, engage Thanos in battle once he arrives in the hope of providing enough of surprise to take his gauntlet away from him, but by now he already has most of the Stones and manages to survive the fight.

Elsewhere, Thor and Rocket have ventured out to forge Thor a new weapon capable of killing Thanos. A war breaks out in the city of Wakanda, and the remaining Avengers battle Thanos’ army for some time before he arrives.

Despite their best efforts, Thanos manages to acquire all of the Stones and finish his mission, snapping his fingers and wiping out half of the galaxy in an instant.

The Verdict

Infinity War stands out among many of the other Marvel films due to the fact that the villain ultimately wins at the end of the day. Thanos was made out to be a menacing and powerful antagonist from the start, and it’s finally shown the lengths he would go to accomplish his mission.

It’s a visually impressive film that features all of our heroes from the previous movies, and does more than enough to set up the story for the next and final part of the Avengers saga, which would come later in the form of Avengers: Endgame.