A Quiet Place – The First of Its Kind

A Quiet Place is a 2018 science fiction horror film that set in a post apocalyptic America, and is directed by John Krasinski. The film stars Krasinski, and features Emily Blunt, Noah Jipe, and Millicent Simmonds. The film began development when Woods and Beck imagined a story that would eventually lead into a film. The first script was read by Krasinski in 2016, and draws inspiration from films such as No Country for Old Men, In The Bedroom, and Aliens.

It premiered at South by Southwest, and was released later across the United States on the 6th of April, 2018, by Paramount Pictures. It was a box office hit, and grossed over $340 million worldwide, and received widespread acclaim from critics and audience members alike.

Some of the praise revolved around its unique storyline and atmosphere, along with strong acting skills, sound design, and direction. It’s a must-see for any horror fan, and good to watch while enjoying some time at home playing slots NZ on the couch.

The Plot

During a period of three months in 2020, almost all humans and animals in the world have been wiped out by extraterrestrial creatures that appeared after a meteor hit the planet.

The creatures attack anything that makes a noise, and are almost indestructible. The Abbot Family, which includes the husband Lee, wife Evelyn, deaf daughter Regan, along with their sons, Marcus and Beau have become silence scavengers. While out in the town, their youngest son, Beau, stumbles across a battery-operated toy that he takes with him, but the toy attracts a creature and he is killed.

A year later, and Evelyn is in the last stages of her pregnancy. Lee tries to upgrade Regan’s cochlear implant, but it seemingly has little affect. Lee decides to head out to a nearby river with his other son, Marcus, where he hopes to teach him how to fish.

While they’re away, Regan, feeling guilty about her brother’s death a year earlier, decides to walk to the spot where he was killed, leaving Evelyn on her own. She goes into labour earlier than expected, and while making her way into the basement in preparation, she hurts herself, and accidentally drops a glass picture frame, alerting one of the nearby creatures.

Lee and Marcus arrive at the farm, and seeing the red lights, they begin to set off fireworks hoping to keep the creatures distracted. The creature eventually starts to chase Marcus and Regan who end up in a grain silo, but manage to escape, meeting up with Lee. The creature attacks Lee as the children take refuge, but he screams to attract it and it kills him.

They reunite with Evelyn and hide in the basement, where it’s discovered that Regan’s implant has the capacity to stun the creatures. They kill the creature pursuing them, but they see on their CCTV system that many more are on the way.

The Verdict

A Quiet Place is a truly new and unique horror film that has no predecessor. It’s the perfect combination of suspenseful, action-packed, and eerie, and it has some extremely innovative world building – making it the perfect film for those tired of mainstream horror.